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PROMISING CHILD is an album audio recording that encompasses a collection of life experiences, with the overall theme deriving from the promise of youth and its pressures to succeed. The stories for PROMISING CHILD covers about decade of relationships, featuring tales of love, loss, ambition and entertainment. Written and arranged by Tyler Rivera Stein, it was created in collaboration with musicians from around the world (most notably the USA, Brazil, and United Kingdom) and features voice, piano, guitar, bass, drums, strings (violin, cello) and horns (flute, trumpet, trombone, saxophone). The sound was inspired by 1970s rock and funk, artists and bands like BILLY JOEL, SLY AND THE FAMILY STONE, BILL WITHERS, ELTON JOHN, CHICAGO, FLEETWOOD MAC, ALLMAN BROTHERS, CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL.

Promising Child Album Cover Art Logo


Original Music and Lyrics by Tyler Rivera Stein

Produced by Henrique Vilhena

Mastering by Luiz Tornaghi

Made with Musiversal


Vocals and Keys: Tyler Rivera Stein

Sax and Flute: Yuri Villar, Samuel da Silva,

Trumpet and Flugelhorn: Jon-Paul Frappier

Trombone and Horn: Chris Ott

Violin: Damian Bolotin, Alí Bello

Cello: Joe Zeitlin, Bruno Serroni

Guitar: Mike Fonte, Davi Mello, Vitaliy Tkachuk, Geoff Johnson

Bass Guitar: Itaiguara Brandão, Pablo Arruda, Chris Bonner

Drums: Filipe Caeiro, Matt Brundrett

Album Art: Nicole Stein

Special Thanks:

Jamie Andrews, Robbie Blanco, Frank Formica, Dave “Teq” Roberts, George King, Dave Shoop, Farid “Doug” Soriano, Eric “Scorp” Herbranson, Cody Mineur, Laura Ochikubo, Jaisun Toro, Elizabeth Nantais, Kyleigh Mituzas, Zoe Pittman, Oscar Zveiter, my parents, Mimi Rivera and Jeff Stein, and my wife, Taissa Zveiter.

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